May 30, 2016

Our Product

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Researchers show that touching, interacting and customizing a product may increase the probability of a sale by 30%-50%. However, physical, brick and mortar stores that sell large products such as kitchens, furniture and appliances are frequently unable to display the full variety of their products, due to the high display costs.
Often highly customizable products can’t be displayed (kitchens for example).
The physical, brick and mortar retail market hasn’t made a leap forward for a long time. This creates a tough market with very low profit margins. There is a clear and pressing need for a new shopping experience that will be wonderful for customers, while increasing sales and reducing costs for the retailer.

We help retailers (initially kitchen, furniture and appliance stores) to increase sales and reduce costs, using Virtual Reality (VR) technology.
We use a VR headset and a gesture recognition camera to create a high quality, enjoyable experience that allows customers to interact naturally with products using only their hands, view from every angle and customize the product in the VR.
Placing our product in stores, will help retailers to increase sales by:
• Creating endless store space, allowing them to display the full variety of their products
• Enabling new level of customization illustration and interaction with products.
• Learning and understanding customers better, using consumer behavior analysis.
And, on the other hand, reduce costs by letting go store space

• Amazing shopping experience – By using a gesture recognition camera, users can interact with products in the VR through natural hand gestures, while viewing them from every angle.
• Customized prototypes generated in seconds – Customization of product texture, size, color, models, etc. For instance the ability to create a kitchen structure, texture and materials, while in the VR world.
• Limitless expansion of (virtual) store space, at minimal cost which will lower retail expenses dramatically.
• New opportunities for consumer behavior analysis and A/B testing techniques that will become a new growth engine.
• A multiuser shopping experience – Family and friends, sales staff, or designers can be part of the VR shopping experience.


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