Virtuality New Space! Making the virtual a reality

Bringing real life into virtual reality - Creating new VR shopping experience

Creating a platform that will make virtual reality fit to real life

New Retail Market

Retailers opportunity to dramatically reduce costs and increase sales by using Virtual Reality

New exciting Shopping experience

We’ve created a high quality, enjoyable experience that will allow customers to interact naturally with products using only their hands, view from every angle and customize the product in the VR.

History begins now

Our revolution is in the making. Very soon virtuality product will be available for the early adopters

About Us

Amazing new shopping experience
Amazing new shopping experience

We've created an amazing shopping experience using Virtual Reality (VR), helping reatilers by reducing physical store space, and support marketing through consumer behavior analysis.

Our Dream Team

The people that work hard to improve your world

Yoav Fael

Lead projects as a captain at MAMRAM unit in the IDF Founder and developer of “Yoanna apps” and other projects Business consultant MBA and BSC Computer science

Doron Weiss

Team Leader, Architect and manager of multiple software projects Game Designer, developer and publisher of multiple games for mobiles and computers

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